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Code of Interdependence

As a certified B Corp company, the Chiesi Group introduced the new Chiesi "Code of Interdependence" in February 2020. This is a Suppliers Code of Conduct for strategic suppliers of the Group and forms the basis for future relationships with our suppliers.


The Code of Interdependence is the first example in the history of our company of a document created in collaboration with our strategic partners and affiliates. The key moment in the elaboration of the Code was the Vendor Day held in Parma in September 2019, whereupon Chiesi incorporated comments and ideas from the partners into the final version of the Code.


Chiesi Code of Interdependence was published on the Chiesi Group website in January 2020. It can also be found on the Chiesi Bulgaria website Code of Interdependence


Chiesi Group and its affiliates are currently distributing this document to our suppliers around the world to inform them of the publication of the Code and to raise awareness of the sustainable development goals developed therein.


Our common goal is to implement the Code at a global level and in cooperation with all our strategic suppliers.